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  • Apple Pie

    Delicious, fresh baked Apple Pie filled with cinnamon and buttery goodness!

    Only available in 8″ daily. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Available in 10″ in the fall!

  • Apple Strudel

    A flaky, buttery strudel dough filled with lightly sweetened fresh apples. Delicious!

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Apple Turnover

    A light-as-air puff pastry dough filled with my lightly sweetened apple filling.  Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and then drizzled with a sugar glaze. Perfect for anytime of the day!

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Assorted Cookies

    We have an assortment of cookies available in our showcase every day for $12.00 a pound. Flavors include:

    Thin & Crispy Chocolate Chip

    Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chip

    Chocolate Chip with Pecans

    Mexican Wedding Cookies with Hazelnuts and Pecans

    Thin & Salty Oatmeal

    Cousin Geri’s Brownie cookies



  • Biscotti

    A buttery dough mixed with different flavors! Sold at $12.00 a pound. We also sell mixed half-pound bags for $5.75. These flavors include:


    Triple Chocolate


    Macadamia Cherry





  • Black and White Cake

    A delicious 3 layer vanilla cake filled with chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse.  Decorated with lightly sweetened whipped cream with poured chocolate ganache. Available in two sizes:

    6″: feeds 4-6 people: $33

    8”: feeds 10-12 people: $44

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Black and White Cake Cups

    The perfect individual size for an on-the-go treat! Our moist vanilla cake with our famous white and chocolate mousse, topped with our fresh homemade whipped cream.

  • Black and White Ice Cream Cake

    Vanilla cake filled with vanilla and chocolate ice cream and chocolate crunchies. Decorated with whipped cream, poured ganache and colorful wafer flowers.

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Black Forest

    Chocolate cake with cherries and whipped cream, topped with chocolate ganache and cherry rosettes.

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Only available in our showcase in the Fall!

  • Brookie

    Half brownie, half cookie–what more could you want?!

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Brownie Cheesecake

    My rich New York Cheesecake base is folded with delicious brownies and placed on top of a brownie crust.  Covered with a brownie streusel and chocolate ganache!

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Available daily in our showcase.