Who is Mother Mousse?

We're an award-winning bakery offering specialty cakes, and treats galore.

In 1983, Mother Mousse Bakery was created by best friends Teri Rutigliano and Joan Sheheen. At first, they started selling mousse cakes out of their home to different restaurants in the tri-state area. As business grew, they moved into their first storefront on Vanduzer Street in Stapleton. From cakes to cookies to pies and cupcakes, Mother Mousse became Staten Island’s number one stop for delicious delicacies made with the finest fresh ingredients. In 1990, Teri and Joan moved on up to a larger location in Travis, and a few years later opened a second location in Grant City.

Customers who buy Mother Mousse desserts are assured that they will have a delicious, high quality product for their celebration. We are dedicated to using only the finest ingredients in every product to ensure that every bite has that delectable homemade taste.  Not only do our cakes look amazing, but they taste incredible, too! As Mother says, “Say you made it, I won’t tell!”