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  • Crème Brûlée

    Crème Brûlée translated means “cracked cream!”  A wonderful rich custard topped with brown sugar and burnt on top.

    A single serving.

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Critter Cupcakes

    These colorful little critters are the perfect treat! Vanilla and chocolate cake topped with French Buttercream and filled with Marshmallow filling.

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Crumb Cheesecake

    My traditional New York style cheesecake topped with a buttery jumbo-crumb strousel!

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Decorated Butter Cookies

    We have adorable decorated cookies in our showcase every day! We have a variety of different designs depending on the season.

    We also take special orders on custom cookies! Our cookies make as great party favor for any occasion. They come wrapped in cellophane and tied with a satin ribbon. If you would like a price quote or more information, please CONTACT US and call either location.


  • Fruit Tarts

    A delicious mix of fresh fruit and pastry cream on a vanilla crust.

    Only available in 8″. Feeds 8 people.

    Only available on the weekends during the Spring/Summer season.

  • German Chocolate Cake

    A chocolate sponge cake filled with coconut, pecans, and caramel filling covered with chocolate ganache and garnished with pecans.

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Only available in our showcase in the Fall!

  • Giant Chocolate Chip

    These are 8” round cookies that are great for slicing like a pie and eaten just like that or topped with your favorite ice cream! Feeds around 8 people, available daily.

    We also offer larger sizes that can be ordered in advance:

    Our 10″ cookie is $20.

    Our 12″ cookie  is $29.

  • Gluten-Free Mini Me and Cupcakes

    Our gluten-free options include:

    Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream or special order fudge icing. Only $3.00 each.

    Chocolate mini me cakes filled with white and chocolate mousse for $4.75 each.

    *Please note that Mother Mousse is not a “gluten-free” facility. We do work with flour here, so there is always a chance of contamination. We care about the safety of our customers, so if you are gluten-intolerant or have Celiac Disease, please alert our employee. Thank you.

  • Irish Soda Bread

    “The Best Irish Soda Bread I’ve Ever Had!”

    One of our most popular items, available February to March, baked fresh!

    Available in mid-February.

    We now offer Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread for $7.50!

  • Key Lime Mousse Pie

    Our delicious key lime flavored mousse in a vanilla cookie crust. Topped with whipped cream rosettes.

    Only available in 8″. Feeds 8 people.

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Marshmallow Pops

    Giant campfire marshmallows dipped in our delicious gourmet milk or dark chocolate!

    Available in our store daily.