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  • Chocolate Mousse Layer

    This is 3 layers of chocolate cake and filled with chocolate mousse.  Decorated with lightly sweetened whipped cream. Available in two sizes:

    6″: feeds 4-6 people: $27

    8”: feeds 10-12 people: $38

    Available in our showcase daily.

  • Chocolate Raspberry

    My delicious chocolate raspberry mousse on a chocolate crumb crust,  layered with some European seedless raspberry jam.  Tastes like a jelly ring!

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Coconut Tres Leche

    Moist vanilla cake soaked with coconut tres leches liquid and then filled with a coconut pastry cream. It is topped with a white chocolate buttercream and completely covered with coconut flakes. Yum!

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Confetti Cake

    We finally offer everyone’s favorite confetti cake! It is topped and filled with our delicious white buttercream.

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Available daily in our showcase.

    (Sprinkles on board not included)

  • Cookies and Cream Cake

    A chocolate cake filled with white mousse with crushed up Oreos inside and a chocolate crumb crust base. Decorated with chocolate buttercream rosettes and mini Oreos on top!

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Country Apple Cheesecake

    Only available in the Fall!

    A pound cake crust surrounds a cream cheese filling and this is then piled with apples and soaked with a cinnamon flavored custard! Topped with streusel and walnuts as well.  I won first place for this cake at Eger Nursing Home Taste of Staten Island 2015!

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

  • Crumb Cheesecake

    My traditional New York style cheesecake topped with a buttery jumbo-crumb strousel!

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Available daily in our showcase.

  • Flourless Chocolate Roll

    A flourless chocolate cake rolled with lightly sweetened whipped cream.   Covered with smoooth chocolate ganache and decorated with buttercream rosettes. This is a great cake for Passover and Gluten-Free customers.

    Serves 8 people.

    Available in the showcase daily.

  • Fondant Cake

    Fondant fun! This is a chocolate and vanilla cake filled with chocolate buttercream and topped with white buttercream and a fun fondant design!

    Available in 6″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Available in our showcase daily.

    * Only available in these colors and exact design. If you would like a different color scheme, please speak with one of our employees about placing an order for a custom cake.

  • German Chocolate Cake

    A chocolate sponge cake filled with coconut, pecans, and caramel filling covered with chocolate ganache and garnished with pecans.

    Only available in 7″. Feeds 8-10 people.

    Only available in our showcase in the Fall!

  • Gluten-Free Mini Me and Cupcakes

    Our gluten-free options include:

    Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream or special order fudge icing. Only $2.75 each.

    Chocolate mini me cakes filled with white and chocolate mousse for $4.25 each.

    *Please note that Mother Mousse is not a “gluten-free” facility. We do work with flour here, so there is always a chance of contamination. We care about the safety of our customers, so if you are gluten-intolerant or have Celiac Disease, please alert our employee. Thank you.

  • Licensed Edible Images

    Get your favorite cartoon character on your cake! We carry a variety of images including:

    Frozen, Despicable Me, Mickey Mouse, My Little Pony, Avengers, Thomas the Tank Engine and more! Please come into either location or CONTACT US for more information.

    Edible images are a $10 extra charge on top of the price of your cake and must go on buttercream topping.  We cannot change the size of the edible images.

    You can see what images we offer by CLICKING HERE.

    Check out our cake menu HERE.