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How do I place my order?
Unfortunately we do not offer online ordering just yet. However, you can place your order by coming into either location or calling us on the phone. Any of our customer service representatives would be happy to help you with your order. CLICK HERE for our contact information.
What cake flavors and fillings do you offer?
You can find our full list of cake flavors and fillings HERE.
What do your standard cakes look like?
You can see examples of our standard round/sheet cakes HERE and HERE. They are typically topped with either whipped cream, buttercream, or poured ganache and you get an option of either chocolate covered strawberries or flowers on top. We also use colorful streamers as part of our decorations. We also have sprinkles if requested.
Can I combine two different fillings in one cake?
Yes and no. Some cakes that we offer only allow for one filling. Cakes with three or four layers can accommodate other fillings that pair nicely together. Some of our sheet cake options can be split in half with two separate fillings and flavors as well. Please understand that if you would like two different fillings, you may need to account for your guests trying both flavors and need a larger cake.
Do you make gluten-free products?
Yes, we make vanilla and chocolate cake. This needs to be ordered in advance. We also offer gluten-free cupcakes, mini-me desserts and a chocolate roll. Please note that, though we offer gluten-free products, we are not a gluten-free facility. There is always a chance of our products being contaminated because of this. If you have Celiac Disease we ask that you find a Gluten-Free bakery to accommodate you.
I have an allergy, how can you accommodate me?
We do work with peanut products, flour and fruit in our bakery. Please let our customer service representative know if there is an allergy we should be aware of and we will try our best to accommodate that. However, we cannot guarantee.
How do I know what size cake I need?
The amount of people you are serving at your event determines the size that you need. Our representatives can help you figure out the perfect size if you are having trouble.
Do you offer photos on top of your cakes?
Yes, we can print edible photos to go on the top of your cake. Our pre-made licensed edible images are available for an extra charge of $10 and must go on buttercream topping. (See more information HERE). If you would like a custom image printed, it is an extra $20 and you MUST have buttercream topping on your cake. Please note that, though we try our best, we cannot guarantee that the colors on your computer screen will be the exact colors that print. The files must also be print-ready, meaning that the image is not too dark, blurry, or needs any editing. We print exactly what is sent to us. (See more information on custom printed photos HERE).
What is a gel drawing?
A gel drawing is outlined in chocolate and filled in with colored gel. This decoration option starts at a $35 extra charge and can go up. You can see examples of what this looks like in our gallery HERE.
Do you do gender reveal cakes or cupcakes?
Yes, we can either color the cake, or color buttercream filling. Please note that this order would have to be placed in advance.
How far in advance should I place my order?
For a standard sheet cake a few days notice is not a problem. For specialty cakes, however, we need at least 3 weeks notice.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, credit and debit. Debit is in store only. No checks.
If you are paying for a cake with a credit card over the phone, please note that you will be asked to send an email confirmation stating that you authorize us to charge your credit card. This is for your protection, as well as ours, against card theft. When you pay with a credit card in our store you will be asked to show matching ID. 
Do you require full payment or a deposit at the time of order?
For our standard cakes, you can leave at least a half deposit and pay the rest at pick-up. You can also authorize the whole amount on your credit card if you order over the phone. Then, you can pay for the cake on your card or with cash at pick-up. If you choose to authorize with a credit card and wish to make your payment with that card at pick-up you MUST use the same card that was initially authorized and you must show matching ID.
Specialty cakes must be paid for in full two weeks in advance. Please see our Specialty Cake section for more information.
What is an authorization?
An authorization is a hold on your credit card. It stays on your card for 3-5 business days and drops off. When you pick-up the cake, you must come in with that credit card and id in order for your cake to be put through as a sale. You can also pay in cash if something is authorized. If your cake is already made, and is never picked up from the store, your credit card will be charged.
Only Standard cakes can be authorized. Specialty cakes and cookie orders must be paid for in advance in full.
Can I pick up my cake at either store?
Of course! We have two convenient locations that you are able to pick-up your orders from.
Do you deliver?
Yes, We have a third-party service deliver for us anywhere in the tri-state area. There is an extra charge if you would like delivery. This fee depends on the location and timeframe that the cake can be delivered. Be advised that the bigger the time frame the better the price. We ask for a time window in order to account for traffic issues, so please be mindful that your order cannot be delivered at an exact time.
The halls or restaurants should not expect us to take the cake out of the box and set them up for display. All cakes need to be refrigerated prior to the time of the party, so please be sure to discuss this with the venue. 
Do you ship products?
We can ship cookies, treat baskets and other non-refrigerated items. Unfortunately we do not ship cakes.
Do I need to refrigerate my cake?
Yes, your cake must be refrigerated! You can leave your cake out on display for up to 2-3 hours in an air conditioned room. A buttercream filling can stay out longer than a mousse filling, but please be aware that cakes are perishable products.
What if I need to change my order or cancel my cake?
For standard cakes we ask for 48 hours notice. If a cake is already put together, we will try our best to sell it for you, however if it does not sell you will be charged. We can also freeze an already prepared cake for a rescheduled date under certain circumstances. For specialty cakes we need 3 weeks notice. You cannot cancel a specialty cake that is already assembled. We make custom orders just for you, so please be mindful of this. Find out more information in our Specialty Cake section of the FAQ. For either a standard or specialty cake, if paid for with a credit card, you will be charged 3% of the original price if the cake is cancelled.
What is your return policy?
You must bring the item back to us and, of course, let us know why you were not happy with our product. We do not do cash refunds, only store credit.
Can I get a cake tasting?
We do offer cake tastings in our consultation package. Our consultations are $25 and include up to an hour with our cake decorator designing the ins and outs of your cake. The $25 fee goes towards the price of your cake when you place your order with us. We also sell mousse shots and moussekeetoes if you would like to purchase a treat from our showcase. This $25 fee is non-refundable. Find out more information in our Specialty Cake Section!


Specialty Cakes FAQ

How much do tiered/specialty cakes cost?
Our custom cake prices depend on how many people you are serving and the cake design. Generally, our stacked cakes can start at $200 and go up from there depending on the design and detail. If you would like more information on prices, please CONTACT US. If you are working within a budget please let us know! We will do our best to accommodate you and recommend a design that you are happy with.
Why are specialty cakes so much money??
Our cakes taste and look great for a reason! We use top-quality, fresh ingredients in our cakes. Nothing is frozen or a mix, it is all baked from scratch. On top of that, we have an excellent design team that pays careful attention to detail and creates everything by hand. Everything is custom-made just for you and these cakes take a lot of time and patience to create. Remember, with some designs, you are paying for an edible sculpture; not just a cake!
How far in advance do I need to place my order?
We ask that specialty cakes be ordered and paid for in full at least 3 weeks in advance.
I saw this really great picture on Pinterest, can you make it?
We love seeing great ideas on Pinterest! With that being said, we also like to create custom designs just for you! If you see a cake that is inspiring to you, please show us. When you book a consultation with us, you can also bring in colors, patterns, invitations, dresses, etc. that you would like to match your cake and we can design something special for you!
Do I need to schedule a consultation if I want a specialty cake?
If you would like a custom designed cake, we ask that you first email us your information and a few ideas that you have. We will need to know:
—your name
—phone number
—how many people you are serving
—date of the event
—cake design you are interested in
From there we can point you in the right direction. It is recommended that you schedule a consultation with our cake designer if you have a very specific idea in mind or would like us to design something special just for you. Consultations are $25 (non-refundable) and include up to an hour with the cake designer to discuss ideas, as well as a cake tasting. We go through the ins and outs of your cake with you step by step. When you book your order with us, the $25 fee goes towards the price of the cake!
Please call 718-983-8366 to see appointment availability. The decorator is typically available 10am-3pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
How many people may I bring to the consultation?
We recommend that only 2 or 3 people attend consultations. We notice that any more than that amount may draw out the decision making process. We also recommend not bringing children to the consultation, if at all possible.
What if I am running late or cannot make my scheduled appointment?
Please call us if you are running late and we will let you know how tight our schedule is. If there is another appointment after yours we may ask that you reschedule. If you realize you cannot make the appointment PLEASE let us know you would like to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Our decorator sets time aside for appointments and that slot can either be filled with another customer’s appointment or important cake decorating time. If you have already pre-paid your consultation, we need at least one days notice if you would like to cancel or reschedule. If you do decide to cancel, you will get a refund, given enough notice.
How does one go about getting a cake tasting?
If you schedule a consultation there is a cake tasting included. We also sell Mousse Shots, Moussekeetoes and Cupcakes in our showcase if you would like a taste of a specific flavor.
What fillings and flavors are offered for specialty cakes?
We offer vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet cake and a variety of our mousse or buttercream fillings which you can see HERE. Please note that we cannot do fresh fruit fillings on stacked or shaped cakes. We also do not recommend having different flavors for each tier of the cake. We suggest doing one flavor throughout because it is simpler to serve to your guests. Less options means less pressure! If you would still prefer to have different flavors per tier, please note that you may have to purchase a larger cake, assuming people will want to try both flavors. 
I don’t like fondant! Is there another option for making custom designs?
Some cakes can be done with buttercream, but fondant is a material that is used quite often in custom designs. If you say you don’t like fondant because it is too thick, sugary and chewy, you haven’t had our fondant cakes! We roll our fondant out incredibly thin so it blends right into the buttercream. It should not be thick at all. If you are still anti-fondant, you can just as easily peel the fondant off, or consult with our cake designer to see what other options are available.
I want specific flowers on my cake, what do you offer?
Typically we have Roses, Alstroemerias, and Daisies available on our cakes. Though we usually have pinks, whites, purples and yellows, our colors are not guaranteed. If you would like a specific color or type of flower, we ask that you speak to your florist and supply the flowers for us and we can place them on the cake for you. We also offer Gumpaste Flowers at an additional charge.
I have my own cake topper; can you put it on for me?
Of course! If you have a special topper you would like on your cake, please drop it off at either location and we can place it on the cake for you. If the decorator feels that the topper will not travel well on top of the cake, we will make a note to place the topper on at the event. We also make custom toppers if you are looking for something extra special.
How long can my custom cake stay out on display?
You can keep your cake out on display up to 2-3 hours in an air conditioned room. We do not recommend that you display the cake outside, especially if the weather is extremely hot. 
Do you make fake cakes?
No, we do not offer fake Styrofoam cakes. A large portion of the price of a specialty cake is in the actual design, so using a fake cake will not save you money in the long run. (Besides, why wouldn’t you want to eat our cake? It’s delicious!)
Can I put a deposit down on specialty cakes?
You can put down a deposit if you’d like, as long as the cake is paid for in full 3 weeks in advance. This is the only thing that will reserve your spot for the date needed.
I am picking up my Specialty cake. What do I need to know?
—Our staff checks our cakes for spelling and other potential errors, but it is required that the customer checks the cake before it leaves our store.
—Typically, Specialty cakes may come in a taller box that may not always fit in a standard size refrigerator. You may need to take a shelf out. Ideally, your venue will have a walk-in refrigerator. You can keep the cake out on display for 2-3 hours in an air conditioned room. Prior to this, it would need to be refrigerated.
—We are not responsible for any damage that occurs to the cake once it leaves our facility, unless it is delivered by our delivery service. If damage does occur during transport and, we must be called immediately to see if the damage is repairable. You will need to return the cake to our facility and there may be additional costs for the repairs once we assess the damage. Cost of the repairs will be negotiated and paid for prior to the repairs. Please note that these repairs may include the cake flavor and filling!
—To avoid any possibility of damage, we recommend placing the cake on a flat area of a van, SUV, or floor of your vehicle with a non-slip mat underneath and the air conditioner running.
I am getting my cake delivered. What do I need to know?
—Delivery fees vary depending on where the cake is being delivered and the time window of delivery. Fees typically start at $25 and go up from there depending on those factors.
—Cakes must be delivered before 4:00 on weekends and are delivered from our Victory Blvd location. You must check with your venue what time the cake can be accepted.
—Our delivery service is responsible for whatever damage occurs in their hands. The service is extremely professional and makes note of the cake’s status before and after pick-up to ensure that it is delivered to you in its original beautiful state.
—If the cake does get damaged during delivery, we will repair the cake for you with no extra charge. We will make whatever changes necessary to get your cake to you. This may include a change in filling, flavor, or design.
—Our delivery service is not responsible for displaying your cake. We only deliver the cake to the venue and the venue should take care of the rest of the arrangements. If you would like us to set up your specialty cake at the venue, there is an additional fee starting at $150. 
What is your cancellation policy on specialty cakes?
—If you decide to cancel your cake prior to 2 weeks before your event, you would be fully refunded in whatever form the cake payment was made. If paid with a credit card you will be charged a 3% transaction fee.
—If you decide to cancel your cake the week before the event, we will retain 10% of the purchase price, plus the cost of any decorations made in advance. (Any deco that is 3-dimensional or standing up would be made the week before in most cases in order to allow for drying time.) The remainder o the balance would be given back in whatever form the cake payment was made. (Credit card transaction fee applies.)
—If you decide to cancel the cake the week of the event and it is not fully complete yet, we will retain 75% of the purchase price. Your refund will be given in the form of store credit only. Please keep in mind that our specialty cakes are assembled in the beginning of the week and worked on for the entire week leading up to your event.
—If the cake is fully complete there is no refund. We always offer to freeze your cake for a later date if needed, but please understand that we are creating a personal, custom-built work of art just for you.
Where can I see examples of your work?
You can see examples of our work on Facebook, InstagramPinterest and of course our BLOG!